Healthy, well-cared for animals are naturally more productive

Bayer’s BCS SowDition is an innovative and simple way to objectively measure and track the body condition of sows, helping farmers and veterinarians to ensure optimal care and management of their animals.

For sows, body condition scoring is an important indicator of health and well-being, longevity and fertility. Sows that are too thin or too fat are likely to have fertility issues or  may be affected by metabolic disorders in periods of high stress, such as farrowing or lactation.



The BCS SowDition app is a smartphone application developed by Bayer that addresses the two key challenges livestock professionals face when scoring the body condition of sows: It makes it objective and easy to do and it allows farmer to easily store, track and analyze their sow and herd health in one tool.

Determining the body score of sows is easily achieved in 4 simple steps with BCS SowDition. The then application estimates the body score, removing the subjective bias of visual scoring. This information is also stored and classified according to the reproductive stage the sow is in and her parity, allowing users to track and analyze an individual sow condition or even an entire herd. Data can be easily be incorporated with the farm management software, or shared with a veterinarian for consultation.

The BCS SowDition application: Helps livestock professionals make better management decisions for sows, with less time and effort. Because healthy, well cared for animals, are also naturally more productive.


innovative swine app for sows
For sows, body condition scoring is an important indicator of health and well-being.
Sow Body Scoring in four steps