Gaming and learning has never been so fun

Power Pigs is an augmented reality-based smartphone application that allows you to have fun, compete and share your customized pig experience! All of that while learning more about the key swine health and well-being solutions Bayer offers for veterinarians and farmers.

Bayer is about science and technology. With the Power Pigs app, we bring the most modern and fun concept of augmented reality gaming and learning to everyone. Customize your pig, pick a name, and you’re all set to compete in a thrilling pig race. Achieve high scores and share it with friends and other players.

With Power Pigs, we have combined the fun of gaming with a unique swine health experience: See and learn, within a virtual reality environment, how our solutions help ensure the well-being and health of pigs.


Power Pigs App
Power Pigs available in many countries

If you are in Brazil, China, Colombia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Rebublic of Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, download Power Pigs in the App Store and Google Play Store. 如果您在中国境内,请点击这里下载Power Pigs安卓版本。


Power Pigs Race

All other countries, download Power Pigs Race in the App Store and Google Play Store.



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