For over 150 years, Bayer has been an innovation company rooted in providing science-based solutions for our customers. To date, we have developed scientific and medical breakthroughs that have resulted in the creation of some of the most loved brands in Animal Health. Criminals take advantage of the good reputation Bayer has created for our products and brands. Fighting to protect brands is a complex problem that no single company can resolve alone. Companies like Bayer are collaborating with government entities, law enforcement agencies, trade associations and others around the globe and cross-industry to help ensure that consumers receive only genuine goods.

Bayer takes a zero tolerance position towards illegal activities and has implemented a global brand protection strategy to help combat production, trade and use of counterfeit and illegal animal health products. Brand protection measures are implemented by most successful companies to educate their customers on illicit trade, such as counterfeit products, imitations, foreign products unauthorized for sale, and tampered or repackaged products, as well as to protect the integrity of their brands.

What to watch for?

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Product counterfeits

Fraudsters are only interested in producing what looks like an exact copy, and do not care about the quality and effectiveness of the contents, leading to treatment or prevention failure among other risks.

Examples are products that:

  • contain the correct active agent, however, either at a dosage that is too high or too low,
  • contain no active ingredient,
  • have manipulated expiration dates,
  • contain an active agent other than the one specified,
  • are wrapped in forged packaging, blisters and/or contain falsified patent information.

A wrong drug, no drug, or bad dosage can pose a serious health risk or even threaten the life of the four-legged patient.


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Fraudulent products aren’t the only thing to worry about

With the popularity of some products imitators jump on the opportunity to create products that look similar to the original product, for example flea and tick collars like Seresto®.

The internet is a great resource for consumers to conveniently obtain products and solutions for many of the health and well-being needs of themselves, their families and pets. Unfortunately, the internet also proliferates the sale of illicit goods and services by cultivating an anonymous and global marketplace for illegal trade, further perpetrating counterfeit products and fraudulent retailers.

Many fraudsters use the original marketing assets to promote their imitation goods online and some even claim to contain the same active ingredients. These illegal products are designed to capitalize on brand confusion. The ingredients of these products are often unknown and neither the quality nor efficacy is guaranteed.


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Advancing Animal Well-Being

At Bayer Animal Health we care for the health and well-being of animals. Authentic animal health products undergo intensive testing and strict regulatory evaluation before being placed on the market. All with the objective of offering safe and high quality products that contribute towards the health and well-being of animals. However, the increasing number of counterfeits and otherwise illegal products in the market is of growing concern: Due to the unknown compositions and the fact that they are not tested and not approved for use, these products are not safe and pose an unacceptable risk to the animal, the consumer and the environment.


How can you protect yourself when purchasing Bayer Animal Health products?

Do not purchase product from private individuals.

Buy pet products only from a vet, pharmacy, or online retailer you trust. Be especially careful of "cheap drugs". Inquire about the source from where it has been purchased.

Do not buy medicines "through the backdoor": Certain drugs can only be purchased with a prescription.

Treat vendors offering prescription medicines over the counter with caution:

Many providers sell prescription medicines without the required receipt from the veterinarian. In most cases, you can be sure the medication is counterfeited.

Do not accept packaging that is incomplete or not correctly configured for retail in your country:

Most countries have defined specific rules for how medication can be sold. Often, single tablets that are packaged in plastic bags or simple blister packages are illegal. If you have any doubts, please consult your veterinarian, pharmacist or manufacturer of the original product.

Plan ahead and take any medication you may need for your animal with you when travelling abroad.

Compile your animal's medication kit at home with the help of your veterinarian of pharmacist and ensure you take enough with you.

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