We protected dogs to better protect you

Mission Protection

Working dogs have the physical and mental ability to help people in various tasks, including guarding, performing land or mountain rescues and assisting the police and military. In addition to being faithful companions, these dogs have been invaluable assistants to people worldwide. We have accompanied two working dogs during their daily training.

Zaïa and Maïko are two dogs that have been accompanied by Seresto® to show a typical day in the life of a working dog. To help them perform their duties safely, we each equipped them with a Seresto® collar. The collar is effective against fleas and ticks and allows them to act serenely in the environments in which they are called upon to intervene.

Now, take a look at the daily life of Maiko, an Australian Shepherd trained in mountain rescue and Zaïa, a young Belgian Shepherd saved from a refuge and trained in protection. Also, get to know Morgan and Daphnée, their respective dog handlers who train with them on a daily basis.



Daphnée is an officer in the K-9 unit in the north of France. Together with her working dog Zaïa, she primarily adds to the dissuasive effect of the K-9 unit. But, if necessary, they are also there to protect people and property. 

In 2011, she was abandoned when she was just nine months old and taken in by a rescue center. Shortly thereafter, Daphnée adopted her. 

Today the two are a well-coordinated team and trust one another blindly. Zaïa is Daphnée’s furry colleague who will always be at her side to ensure her safety.



Maiko is an avalanche dog in France. He’s a 3-year-old Australian Shepherd who completed his avalanche training last winter. 

A mountain rescue dog moves in inhospitable terrain, on snow or scree fields, on steep paths and between high rock formations. The work requires maximum concentration at all times. Training, for an avalanche dog, is essentially a game. The dog is having fun. One or two people hide in a relatively remote area and dog handler Morgan has to lead Maiko so that he finds them. The partnership between dog and handler requires a high degree of trust for the two to get into dangerous situations together. But the effort is worth it. Every year, a dog saves a life. And maybe next time it´s Maiko.


Mountain rescue dog with handler
Mountain rescue dog with handler Morgan


Protection & Prevention 

All dogs naturally enjoy an adventure. To avoid unpleasant surprises when outdoors, make sure that your pet's environment is healthy and pet-friendly, anticipating the dangers a dog might encounter. Parasites can threaten your dog’s health and well-being. Prevention remains the best way to protect your companion from parasites. To make sure that parasite control products prove effective, you need to remember to renew them regularly. Seresto collars are effective against ticks and fleas and reduce the risk of infection with Leishmania infantum for up to 8 months.

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Mountain rescue dog
Mountain rescue dog Maiko enjoying a break in the sun