Could €10,000 help progress your innovation for pig well-being?

Written by
Janice Chow
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At Bayer Animal Health, we know that for livestock professionals across the world, ensuring their animals are healthy and well cared for is a long-term, daily commitment. They are also constantly looking for new and better ways to promote the health and well-being of the animals.

To help drive advances in swine well-being, we have launched a global Care4Pigs grant initiative. Created to celebrate and support innovative ideas dedicated to advancing the well-being of swine, Care4Pigs offers three stand out projects €10,000 each, totaling €30,000 in grant funding.


Do you think this could be you?

We are looking for swine professionals around the world who are passionate about driving well-being improvements. Whether you are a farmer, a veterinarian, graduate student or researcher working to advance swine well-being in innovative and practical ways on the farm, your project idea may be the one we are looking for.

Projects that stand out will have an innovative approach and a significant impact on the well-being of pigs at the farm level. Applicants should also consider the practicality of the project; for example could it be applicable across different farms and production systems? Likewise, could it add value to the operations of the farm?


What sort of innovations do we mean?

Innovations that improve well-being can vary; nothing is too big or too small to be considered for the Care4Pigs grant.

When reflecting on the success of our recent Care4Cattle grant initiative, we can see how projects from the three grant recipients differed, each with the unique potential to significantly benefit cattle well-being:

Dominique van Der Saag, a student vet from Australia, shared her research to develop medicated lick blocks to help administer analgesics to cattle.

Learn more about her project to offer a practical solution for pain relief here.

Professor Mateus Paranhos da Costa from Brazil shared his project to explore different approaches to weaning and minimizing stress on cows and their calves.

Read more about his project aimed at improving weaning methods here.

The Cattle Lameness Academy from the UK were successful with their Mobility Matters online training video series to educate farmers, empowering them to better prevent, detect and mitigate lameness in dairy cows.

Find out more about their project to equip dairy farmers to better detect and manage lameness here.

Proving no matter where you are in the world, or where your idea is on the innovation scale, your project could be the one we are looking for.

If you think this is you, go to find out more and apply. 

Project proposals must be submitted online by the 30th June 2020.

Written by
Janice Chow