Commitment to responsible antibiotic use

New digital comparison tool, i-COWNT BRD, helps veterinarians to make more informed treatment decisions for bovine respiratory disease.

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is the most significant complex infectious disease impacting the cattle industry. Despite efforts to mitigate it with current tools and approaches, treating BRD effectively remains a challenge. Bayer's i-COWNT BRD is a new digital tool to help cattle veterinarians make a scientific evidence-based decision for antibiotic treatment of BRD.

Almut Hoffmann, Head of Farm Animal Products Marketing at Animal Health at Bayer, said: “Antibiotics are vital for both human and animal health, and they should always be used responsibly and only when needed. It is important to use the right antibiotic in the necessary dose and for the appropriate duration for the treatment of bacterial infections. This is why we developed i-COWNT BRD, a digital tool that puts scientific data at veterinarians’ fingertips, enabling them to select the most effective antibiotic needed for treatment of BRD in a specific cattle herd.”

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Bayer’s i-COWNT BRD is a novel online comparison tool that is designed to help veterinarians make more informed treatment decisions for BRD. It is based on an independent mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis of BRD-treatment studies. I-COWNT BRD simplifies the analysis of scientific data to enable veterinarians to choose the most efficacious antibiotic for treatment. This can help improve treatment outcomes, promote cattle health and well-being, and contribute to responsible antibiotic use.

Professor Joseph Blondeau of the Royal University Hospital and University of Saskatchewan, Canada, said: “When faced with cattle suffering from BRD, it is essential to choose the most effective antibiotic for treatment right from the outset, and use it appropriately. This helps optimize treatment efficacy, and reduce the overall need for antibiotic re-treatments, which also minimizes resistance selection in the long run. This is fundamental to good antibiotic stewardship. Amid the growing emphasis on the responsible use of antibiotics in farm animals, a tool like Bayer’s i-COWNT BRD can help make a difference.”


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Bayer’s i-COWNT BRD is the first of its kind comparison digital tool designed to help veterinarians make more informed treatment decisions for bovine respiratory disease (BRD).

The tool draws on data from the publication of O’Connor et al. “A mixed treatment meta-analysis of antibiotic treatment options for bovine respiratory disease – an update” (Preventive Veterinary Medicine 132 (2016) 130-139), which based its analysis on 98 trials.

Effectively, the calculator interface allows a comparison of the efficacy of all major antibiotic options for BRD, enabling veterinarians to take into account which antibiotic will be most effective when deciding on the treatment. This helps to promote disease resolution, contribute to responsible antibiotic use and promote cattle health and well-being. Antibiotics should only be used according to the respective approved label claims.

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