Treatment + Care

Farm Animals

Animal health and well-being are important to us. This is why we are committed to support veterinarians and farmers around the world to protect or improve the health of their animals, and to treat them if they are ill.

Healthy animals are an important part of our daily lives and are essential for global public health. As the world population grows, so does the demand for safe and high quality animal proteins such as milk, eggs, meat and fish. Essential to this are good and sustainable farming practices, as well as veterinary medicines that prevent diseases, treat sick animals and control disease outbreaks.

To this end, Bayer offers veterinarians and farmers innovative medicines and solutions that contribute to the quality of life, health and well-being of farm animals around the world. Among the important areas are in the treatment and prevention of parasitic diseases, anti-infectives, pharmacological therapies and farm hygiene. We also have an ongoing quest to discover and develop new and innovative therapies to make the world a better place for animals and humans.

We offer quality veterinary medicines and solutions for the treatment and prevention of parasitic diseases, anti-infectives, immunostimulation, pharmacological therapies and farm hygiene. We focus on beef and dairy, and have a broader product portfolio that includes swine, poultry and aquaculture.

In the interest of furthering animal health and well-being, we continually engage with veterinarians and farmers around the world to better understand their challenges and needs, and we support them with technical education and good farming practices.

In our pursuit for Science For A Better Life, we recently achieved an innovative milestone with the successful formulation of two immunostimulants for animal health. These immunostimulants offer veterinarians and farmers a novel non-antibiotic approach to help mitigate infectious diseases certain species of farm animals.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Effective antibiotics play a vital role in veterinary medicine, because animals, like people, sometimes fall ill despite all possible measures of good husbandry, hygiene, biosecurity and vaccination.

At Bayer, we have stringent guidelines on the use of our flagship antibiotic. Learn more on our Principles for the Responsible Use of Fluoroquinolones in Veterinary Medicine.

Furthering our commitment to innovation and sustainability, our scientists have also been exploring the potential of innate immunity in animal health, as an alternative to antibiotics.