Commitment + Responsibility

Responsible Use of Antibiotics

Effective antibiotics are indispensable for the treatment of animals suffering from bacterial infection in order to safeguard animal health, animal welfare, and to provide products for the consumer derived from healthy animals.

Despite all possible measures of good husbandry, hygiene, biosecurity and vaccination, infectious diseases in animals cannot be completely avoided. Therefore, in the interest of animal health and well-being, effective antibiotics are vital for the treatment of animals that are ill with bacterial infections.

Bayer Animal Health has a broad portfolio of antibiotic-containing veterinary medicines that cover practically all classes of veterinary antibiotics registered for use in a wide range of species. To ensure the future effectiveness of its antibiotics, and so to help ensure animal health and well-being, as well as to protect public health, Bayer Animal Health is committed to ‘prudent use’ of all classes of antibiotics, globally.

Prudent use is synonymous with “responsible use” or “judicious use”. It does not simply mean using less antibiotics, it means justified use (based on a properly established diagnosis) of the most appropriate registered antibiotic in a way that optimizes its clinical efficacy in the specific clinical cases and taking reasonable steps to ensure the method of use (including dose regime) and precautions applied help limit the potential for resistance to develop.

Bayer is a strong advocate for the responsible use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine in general. In addition, Bayer has actively promoted the responsible use of for its flagship antibiotics, the Fluoroquinolones with strict own guidelines for over a decade.


Principles for the Responsible Use of Fluoroquinolones in Veterinary Medicine