Commitment + Responsibility

Animal Well-Being

At Bayer, we are committed to apply our capabilities and influence to improving animal well-being in areas where we can make a difference – not only through new and innovative products and services, but also by supporting the people who care for animals and the communities that depend on them.

Animals make a major contribution to the well-being of people and communities around the world. At Bayer, we believe that the animals in the keep of humans should receive the best possible care and that ensuring their well-being to the greatest extent practicable, is the right thing to do.

Good animal well-being requires new approaches to effective disease prevention and veterinary treatment, as well as appropriate management, humane handling, nutrition and protection throughout each animal’s life.

We consider improvements in animal well-being to be a continuous process, and one that requires collaboration among the various stakeholders, as well as capacity building (both knowledge and resources) among all those involved in keeping or caring for animals. This is why we actively engage with stakeholders around the world to enhance animal well-being through outreach programmes for farmers, pet owners and veterinarians, as well as through collaborations with animal keepers and food chain stakeholders, the scientific community, governments and non-governmental organisations.

"Together, we can positively impact the lives of animals, the people who care for them, as well as the communities that depend on them."

Dirk Ehle, Head of Animal Health, Bayer

10 areas we can, and we are, making a difference

Our Animal Well-Being Initiatives Worldwide

Argentina & Brazil: Bayer Pet Day

Bringing pets in to the work place is known to reduce stress and increase camaraderie. That’s why we initiated a bring your pet to work day.

Brazil & Columbia: School Program

We visit schools in the two countries to communicate the importance of animal care and well-being to our future innovators and leaders.

Chile: Protecting more Dairy Cows from Lameness

Improvements in housing conditions contribute to well-being and health of dairy cows. With the introduction of just a rubber floor at the farm, we were able to help farmers realize a gradual reduction of lameness (29% to 13.5%) in their herds.

Ecuador: Improving Calf Well-Being

We collaborated with farmers to improve facilities, animal health, feeding, comfort, stress and behaviour. This resulted in improvements in calf appearance, decrease in respiratory diseases and additional daily weight gain.

Mexico: Reducing Respiratory

Morbidity We collaborated with cattle farmers to improve on-farm handling and treatment practices. This led to a reduction in the overall rate of morbidity, mortality and even improved weight gain in cattle.

Philippines: Heat Stress Campaign

High temperatures can cause heat stress in sows, and impact their well-being. We educated farmers on the dangers of heat stress, and continue to work with them to improve swine health and management.

US: K9 for Warriors

K9s For Warriors is a non-profit that pairs trained service dogs with post-9/11 warriors suffering from PTSD or other brain/traumatic injuries. We support the well-being and health of all service dogs in the program with effective flea and tick protection.


The PAWS Act (Pets and Women Safety Act) would enhance animal well-being by providing protection to pets who are subjects of domestic violence. There have been over 1,500 letters of support for the Act sent to congress from the Bayer website.

Cambodia: Supporting the Health of Mine Detection Dogs

Working with the Norwegian People’s Aid, we supply mine detection dogs working across Cambodia with flea and tick protection, keeping them healthy and enabling them to continue the incredible work they do.

China: Equipping Employees

We partnered with The Central Association of Agricultural Values in 2015 to train colleagues in principles and new methods of animal well-being. The team now actively reaches out and works with farmers to improve animal well-being on farms.

Japan: Cocohagu Project

Since 2000, we have organized “Cocohagu”, a yearly experiential workshop that nurtures respect and care for pets among children. The children’s affinity to animals is strengthened through direct interaction with dogs and various role plays.

Korea: Responsible Pet Ownership Workshops

We actively inculcate responsible pet ownership by educating pet owners on the importance of animal well-being, care and parasite control through workshops organized at companion animal festivals and events.

Germany: Reducing the Impact of Vector-Borne Diseases

We support the scientific knowledge transfer in seminars with veterinarians and vet nurses. Seminars include theoretical CVBD lectures and practical parts (microscopy). The benefit for animal well-being lies within improved veterinary in-practice knowledge to better diagnose, treat and prevent CVBD.

Portugal: On-Farm Consultations

When a dairy farmer sought to improve the well-being of his herd after implementing a robotic milking system, we went on-farm to evaluate daily management practices. We proposed a set of improvement parameters to further animal well-being before, during and after the milking process. Farm employees were also trained.

Spain: Optimizing Animal Well-Being on Dairy farms

Heat stress has a major impact on the well-being of dairy cows, and we sought to help address this on a farm in Spain. In consultation with the farmer, 18 fans and water sprinklers were installed, resulting in an estimated milk production increase by up to 4 liters per cow in the summertime. This represents a 10% increase in production due to the absence of heat stress.

UK: Act Against Lungworm

We actively drive awareness of the deadly lungworm parasite amongst dog owners in the UK.